Open Source

Essentia Libre

Are you interested in free/open source software and open content?

Are you interested in to practice your Spanish?

I am.

Essential Libre is a Colombian magazine about open technologies and open content. The issue #5 is now available. Essential Libre is made by volunteers and distributed for free both as PDF and on print. I think someone should sponsor the magazine or start to sell advertisement on it.

From the latest issue you will find, for instance, interview of Alvaro López, article about OLPC in Colombia and an interview of me talking about LeMill.

During the interview I was having oititis media (I just learned a new English word!), pretty high fever and bad jetlag. Considering the fact that there was also some language challenges, I am very happy about the end result.

Sometimes, the people interviewing you are able to formulate your points better than you yourself.

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