Open Source

Learning with FLOSS server platform and mobile phones

Using mobile phone in teaching and learning (at least experimenting with them) is not news anymore. I hope, having an open source server system designed to be a “read/write, listen/record, watch/capture&share” -platform for learning purposes is news. MobilED project is doing this.

There is now available a long paper about the project, the server platform and the first pilots carried out with teachers and pupils in two South African schools. The paper was presented at the MLearn 2006 conference. You may download the paper and the slides of the presentations as PDF.

Ford, M.; Leinonen, T. (2006): MobilED – A Mobile Tools & Services Platform for Formal & Informal Learning. Full paper at the mLearn 2006 conference. October 2006. Banff, Alberta, Canada.
> Article in PDF (512k)
> Slides in PDF (973k)

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