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LeMill 2.0 released

We are proud to announce the release of LeMill 2.0. In this case 2.0 means the actual version number, though it is rather “web 2.0”, too. šŸ™‚

Have a look of an earlier post to get and idea of the latest development with LeMill. You may also try it out yourself in the service hosted by us (or download the latest version and set-up your own LeMill server).

There are some new things in the 2.0:

New content template – Exercise. It’s like the old Multimedia Material (with audio, images, video and text), but you can add in there questions that appear as blank boxes for students. You can direct your students to LeMill to do the exercises, and they can send the results to you as e-mail with simple pressing a button. With the Exercise template you can do:

  1. open-ended questions,
  2. fill-in-the-blanks-exercises, and
  3. multiple choices questions.

We have an example of an exercise with all three kind of questions.

Tex-formatting. This is for math teachers and others who know what tex-formatting is about. Basically you can insert formulas to text.

Faster. Everything should be now faster. Section front pages should load a lot faster and viewing resources should also be faster.

Please, try it out and give us feedback.

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