Webinar: Applying mobile technology in the global conservation and development effort

This is an invitation to join in an online chat about mobile technology in conservation and development effort.

If you are working in the field of environment, development, education and/or mobile technology, please add the time in your calendar and remember to join us.

The online chat will take place on October 12th – 13:00-15:00 UTC.

We will use the IRC channel #shareideas at freenode.net.

The idea is to chat about the topics presented in an online video lecture by Ken Banks, Founder of kiwanja.net. The video lecture will be released online in the shareideas.org website the day before, October 11th.

I am going to watch the video same time when chatting with you. I have found watching online video and chatting about it same time with friends very pleasant activity. You should try it, too. 🙂

You will find details of the event and instructions on how to join the chatroom from the Webinar page of the Shareidea.org website. The page is here:


Please, add your name to the list of registered people if you are planning to join us. It is nice to know who is who. See you online!

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