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How to do the learning revolution?

Not long time ago I wrote a post about a real learning revolution. I decided to elaborated it now a bit in light of Sir Ken Robinson’s latest TED talk Bring on the learning revolution!, even though, I actually agree with what Stephen Downes already said about the talk. Anyway. Here is my advice for […]

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Design thinking and education

The Nordic Conference on Activity Theory and the Fourth Finnish Conference on Cultural and Activity Research (FISCAR10) started today. This time the conference takes place at the Aalto University School of Art and Design. The keynotes are video streamed online. The recording will be available in the same site, too. The original home of the […]


OERs for All — Wikipedia Starts Offering Books

%CODE1% In the free encyclopedia — the Wikipedia — there is a new feature and a service that allows anyone to create custom printed books from the Wikipedia content. Users can create their own customized books from over 3 million articles in English Wikipedia by adding in to the book whatever article on whatever topic. […]

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No PLEs, but informal learning in Real World communities

Pauliina Seppälä just published a great presentation telling the story of the Refugee Hospitality Club in Punavuori, Helsinki. It’s a nice example of using digital social networking service (basically Facebook) to organize people to change their own living environment, the Real World, to be a bit more human, pleasant and civic. Check the presentation: %CODE1% […]