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Children learning by themselves and progressive inquiry

A couple of weeks ago — actually it was the May Day — I gave a talk in a conference in Ankara Turkey. Here are the slides from my talk: %CODE1% One reason to accept the invitation (in Finland the May Day is an important festival of academia) was, that among the invited speakers there […]

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EduFeedr beta released

EduFeedr is a feed reader for online courses where each participant is using his/her personal blog to publish thoughts on course readings, answers to assignments and other course related posts. We have just release a beta version of the EduFeedr software. It runs in here: . . . and you may downloaded it from […]

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Open Education, Personal Learning and National Policies

I just finished co-authoring of an article for a book that will be published by (and for) the Parliament of Finland. The title of the article is “Open learning – the end of teaching?”. In it we try to explain what open education and personal learning are and what kind of scenarios there are related […]

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State of Open Source Software in Finnish Schools: some good news, something crucial still missing

To be honest, for a couple of years now I have been pretty skeptical about the future of Free and Open Source software in Finnish schools and education sector in general. In Finland we have a lot of open source expertise and know-how. We have developers. I also assume that majority of the (liberally) higher […]

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Imagine courses that take place in wikis, blogs, social networks…

I am this week in the WikiSym / Wikimania double conference. Its’ another great opportunity to spend some time with the world’s brightest wiki-minds: academics, developers, community members and bureaucrats. I am going to give a short talk on Friday in the Wikiversity session. I am going to present the EduFeedr, a small and beautiful […]

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Design thinking and education

The Nordic Conference on Activity Theory and the Fourth Finnish Conference on Cultural and Activity Research (FISCAR10) started today. This time the conference takes place at the Aalto University School of Art and Design. The keynotes are video streamed online. The recording will be available in the same site, too. The original home of the […]

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No PLEs, but informal learning in Real World communities

Pauliina Seppälä just published a great presentation telling the story of the Refugee Hospitality Club in Punavuori, Helsinki. It’s a nice example of using digital social networking service (basically Facebook) to organize people to change their own living environment, the Real World, to be a bit more human, pleasant and civic. Check the presentation: %CODE1% […]

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Fle3 — 10 (or 20) years ahead of its time ?

I just got an email from a graduate student in US asking would it be possible for him to take a look of the Fle3 with a visitor user name and password. Fle3 is server software for computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL) designed and developed in our research group, released in 2002 (first version in […]

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21st Century Skills: The Virtues of Ancient Greece

Last week I gave a talk in a workshop organized by the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK. The theme of the workshop was to explore the future of education in Finland. The title of my talk was “digitalization, networks and the future of education” (In Finnish: Digitalisoituminen, verkottuminen ja koulutuksen tulevaisuus). My original plan for […]

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Academic Administration and Freedom

What a title. Reading it makes me smile. I am nowadays dealing almost daily with academic administration of the soon starting Aalto University. I am kindly asked to comment plans of having new ICT system, how to have ICT enhancing teaching and learning, tenure track, research assessment exercise etc. All these are important and event […]