Fle4 and LeMill 6742

I am very happy to write this post – for my own records and for you. I have a pleasure to report some new design research results from my research group. Designing experimental learning environments and tools for them, is anyway the topic I am excited about. Fle4 is here. Future Learning Environment is the […]

21st Century Skills: The Virtues of Ancient Greece

Last week I gave a talk in a workshop organized by the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK. The theme of the workshop was to explore the future of education in Finland. The title of my talk was “digitalization, networks and the future of education” (In Finnish: Digitalisoituminen, verkottuminen ja koulutuksen tulevaisuus). My original plan for […]

Academic Administration and Freedom

What a title. Reading it makes me smile. I am nowadays dealing almost daily with academic administration of the soon starting Aalto University. I am kindly asked to comment plans of having new ICT system, how to have ICT enhancing teaching and learning, tenure track, research assessment exercise etc. All these are important and event […]

Wikimedia – the public media of the Internet-era?

I just met with the BBC journalist, Tim Sebastian. He was visiting us to see the results from our study project exploring new media concepts for World Health Organization (thank you M4ID’s Mari for organizing this). The main issue discussed related to humanitarian emergency communication. How we could communicate fast and efficiently with the people […]

OPEN 2009 – Helsinki – November 2009

I just got home from Wikimania 2009 – the conference I am willing to call THE free culture conference (now when iCommons seems to be history, why?). The Wikimedia Foundation’s conference was just as good as I was expecting it to be: The energy and the good will was all there, more and better academic […]