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Learning Environments research group is hiring

%CODE1% The Learning Environments research group (LeGroup) at the Media Lab Helsinki of the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture is looking for doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers interested in to work in several new research projects starting in Autumn 2012. For the doctoral students position(s) there is still a week to prepare […]

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Towards Peer-production in Public Services: cases from Finland

I wrote an article to a book about peer-production in public services. The title of my article is Towards p2p learning: what media and whose peer?. In the introduction the editor describe the article as follows: “Meanwhile, Teemu Leinonen, in his article, inquires on the qualities of different media when it comes to providing peer-to-peer […]

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Tools (and Spaces) for Self Organised Learning Environment (SOLE)

We have designed some new (media) tools for self organized learning environment (SOLE) and for progressive inquiry. %CODE1% The self organized learning environment (SOLE) is a model to adapt school space to facilitate inquiry based learning. The idea is simple and powerful: “A teacher encourages their class to work as a community to answer questions […]

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Wikimedia: accessible (new) media for (almost) all

Two weeks ago at the Aalto University, we were having a symposium focusing on accessibility of media. In there I gave a talk about Wikipedia / Wikimedia. %CODE1% If we think the Wikimedia services from the accessibility point of view, there are some issues that make it pretty unique. Often one must go all the […]

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The Wisdom of Motivated Crowds

I have been lately thinking a lot the idea of motivated crowds and how the idea could be used in teaching and learning. Firstly, what is a motivated crowd? In an interview published in the Wikipedia Signpost Umberto Eco makes a difference between wisdom of crowds and wisdom of motivated crowds: “I don’t quite agree […]

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Back to school: new technologies, more advantage communities ?

A week ago I gave a “demonstration lecture” as part of a nomination and selection process in my university. The assignment was to prepare a “teaching / learning event” for MA students on a topic “new technologies, more advantage communities ?”. I prepared the lecture as an introduction to the theme. In a real course […]

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European perspectives on design for learning in the 21 century

In mid July, I gave a workshop and a keynote at the National conference of the Australasian Association of Distance Education Schools in Tasmania, Australia. The slides of my talk are here: %CODE1% During the lecture I showed some of my favourit videos related to ICT/New Media and education. I’ll add them here too, with […]

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Children learning by themselves and progressive inquiry

A couple of weeks ago — actually it was the May Day — I gave a talk in a conference in Ankara Turkey. Here are the slides from my talk: %CODE1% One reason to accept the invitation (in Finland the May Day is an important festival of academia) was, that among the invited speakers there […]

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Designing Learning Tools — Introduction to Some Methodological Thoughts

Tolstoy has suggested that: “The vocation of every man and woman is to serve other people “. In this brief presentation I am aiming to demonstrate how I have tried to do it. How I have tried to serve other people. My study is about design. According to Nelson and Stolterman design is not about […]

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Doctoral Dissertation: Designing Learning Tools – Methodological Insights

I finally finished my doctoral dissertation. The dissertation was presented for public examination on December 7th at the Aalto University School of Art and Design. The book is available at the University Book shop. At some point there will be free PDF, too. In a couple of weeks I am also going to post chapters […]