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Learning Environments research group is hiring

%CODE1% The Learning Environments research group (LeGroup) at the Media Lab Helsinki of the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture is looking for doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers interested in to work in several new research projects starting in Autumn 2012. For the doctoral students position(s) there is still a week to prepare […]

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Tools (and Spaces) for Self Organised Learning Environment (SOLE)

We have designed some new (media) tools for self organized learning environment (SOLE) and for progressive inquiry. %CODE1% The self organized learning environment (SOLE) is a model to adapt school space to facilitate inquiry based learning. The idea is simple and powerful: “A teacher encourages their class to work as a community to answer questions […]

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Aakash $35 tablet: pedagogical affordances and investment advice

%CODE1% The Akash table, designed in India, is expected to be delivered for schools and other education institutions with a price tag of $35 per unit (this is the Indian government’s subsidised price). The Akash is naturally challenging the One Lap Top Per Child project’s XO-laptop and number of other netbooks provided for schools. I […]

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European perspectives on design for learning in the 21 century

In mid July, I gave a workshop and a keynote at the National conference of the Australasian Association of Distance Education Schools in Tasmania, Australia. The slides of my talk are here: %CODE1% During the lecture I showed some of my favourit videos related to ICT/New Media and education. I’ll add them here too, with […]

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Brand new New Media tool for school classes: TeamUp

We are working on a new tool for school classes, teachers and pupils. We call the prototype TeamUp. The idea is simple: it is a tool for creating great teams for classroom team work. You may try the prototype over here: TeamUp is designed for touch screens / tablets and interactive whiteboards. When trying […]

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Designing Learning Tools — Introduction to Some Methodological Thoughts

Tolstoy has suggested that: “The vocation of every man and woman is to serve other people “. In this brief presentation I am aiming to demonstrate how I have tried to do it. How I have tried to serve other people. My study is about design. According to Nelson and Stolterman design is not about […]

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State of Open Source Software in Finnish Schools: some good news, something crucial still missing

To be honest, for a couple of years now I have been pretty skeptical about the future of Free and Open Source software in Finnish schools and education sector in general. In Finland we have a lot of open source expertise and know-how. We have developers. I also assume that majority of the (liberally) higher […]

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Wikipedia article traffic statistics are hypnotics

I am trying to get offline, to the vacation mood, to read some good books in a hammock. I took some notes in the WikiSym / Wikimania. I take notes in rather unstructured way. I carry several paper notebooks with me: often an A5 size and a small A6 sketchbooks. Then I always have with […]

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Imagine courses that take place in wikis, blogs, social networks…

I am this week in the WikiSym / Wikimania double conference. Its’ another great opportunity to spend some time with the world’s brightest wiki-minds: academics, developers, community members and bureaucrats. I am going to give a short talk on Friday in the Wikiversity session. I am going to present the EduFeedr, a small and beautiful […]

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Open education: if you can do it, do it

Some time ago the New York Times wrote about the fathers’ leave in Sweden. The articles ends with these words: In Sweden I am on the right,” Mr. Westerberg said, “but in the United States, I’m considered a Communist.” Some days ago David Wiley wrote that with the open content the Open Knowledge Foundation gets […]