18.04.07 workshop on social software (hands-on) – Hämeenlinna

We (Teemu Arina and Teemu Leinonen) are running a beginner friendly practical hands-on workshop called “Uudet sosiaaliset ohjelmistot käytännössä” (new social software in practice) with three facilitators at Interactive Technology in Education -conference on 18th of April, 2007 in Hämeenlinna, Finland. The main language of the full day workshop is finnish (tervetuloa vaan kaikki mukaan […]

Distance working the Australian way

I have understood that in the field of distance learning there is one country that is very much ahead of everybody else. Australia. In an audio interview Martin Dougiamas, Creator of Moodle, tells how he grow up in a middle of Australia. In 1970’s he did his first years of school with four or five […]

ITK’06 conference blog reportage

Interactive Technology in Education (ITK) –conference is the largest conference in Finland about information- and communication technology in educational use. This year the theme is Carpe Diem – create the future. There are some interesting presentations including several blogging related presentations this year. I’m also sitting with representatives from the finnish media in the Web […]

State of finnish eLearning

I attended as an assisting organizer a conference entitled “eLearning & Corporate Competence” at Kalastajatorppa, a Hilton hotel in Helsinki. Attendees included high-profile people from the sector of eLearning in Finland, both providers and customers. I was asked by Juha-Matti Arola from KONE corporation to work on the interactivity part of the conference, especially the […]